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WordPress 101: Part 1 – The Domain

Pick A Name

First thing get domain, but that is harder than one thinks!

Good Luck! All the good names are taken!

Allen Pauna – yes that is me!

Hey, this is where I spend way too much time. Then finally you try everything and end up having to pick a root domain that is not the big three. Com, Net, or Org. That my friends, will segue into my follow up post on DNS. So anyway, the biggest question here is what name to use. Try and keep it short and to the point as much as possible as it is easier to type and remember.

Below is a video outlining the exact things that I am talking about in this post!

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The one who you pay regularly to keep your domain name. Pick a good one that has some key features and are reasonable in price. Here is a list of ones I have used:

They are all great pick one that meets your needs. This is where it all starts from and yes there are some free ones out there but there is some strings attached and the adage “You get what you pay for comes to mind!”.


Example of waiting of Domain move to complete.
Example of Free DNS at Hurricane Electric and having to wait for domain stuff 🙄

Registration of a new domain can take up to 2 days. But you will need that time to get everything else ready anyway. Such as DNS. After all, DNS is the glue that stick all this crazy stuff together. Again, computers prefer 1’s and 0’s but we humans like our labels. So that is where DNS comes into play. Your Registrar takes care of the TLD or top level domain registration. Basically these are database of names with matching IP’s. This is how the internet works and part of the protocols of this is defining the SOA or the Start Of Authority for your little segment of that name. See the registrars help you with the .com part of your name and you with the help of the registrar define the second part of the name. That is like this: sub.myname.top read it backwards

  • .top are controlled by root or tld name servers.
  • .myname are what you registered with a registrar.
  • sub – is whatever you want it to be. Sometimes it is a server or an alias to another name or a ptr to another domain.

See here is once the TLD acknowledges the HE.org dns servers as authoritative to *.alshowto.xyz. Yes, I know I started with ampeduphome.com and now I am on alshowto.xyz but it is the thought that counts!


That is the name of the game! The below picture is from DNSViz this site is nice enough to check compliance of DNSSEC for sites. Again more on that is the DNS section of this world tour of all things web! Needless to say, all the pieces to this puzzle can be a bit much to absorb all at once so please do not get discouraged!!! I am learning something new each time I put one of these domains together!

This is the actual output for alshowto.com in regards to DNSSEC.


Yes like all things there can be troubles. As seen in the image above there are some minor “glitches”. These “features” are caused in part by my registrar. To be fair, I have not done much communication with them to address the issues. Anyway, here are the issues left.

  • Cannot “glue” both IPv4 (A Record) with IPv6 (AAAA Record).
  • Had to have them “glue” the IPv6 to the SOA they have but that only then replace the A record that were for the name servers.
  • Old DS digest alg=1 hanging around in the root level servers. Again, this is that 2 day and be patient type of thing. Since DNS caches the records it can take a few day for it all ripple down or up (in this case) to all name servers.

I will update this post once I have the site fully 100 percent where it is supposed to be. On to DNS…

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