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WordPress 101: Part 2 – Basic DNS Configuration

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

That about sums it up does it not! DNS is a necessary evil but depending on how much pain you would like it can be quite simple to quite complex! The list below is from easiest to hardest.

  1. Managed on Registrar DNS
  2. Managed On Web DNS Servers
    • YouTube player
  3. Managed On Own DNS Servers

Managed on Registrar DNS

DNS Hierarchy of alshowto.com. NOTE:The A SOA and NS shown in picture.

This is the typical default designation may start with as far as DNS is concerned. Many times the glue is already in place between the Domain SOA and the Authoritative DNS servers SOA. Remember SOA stands for Start Of Authority. That is how DNS works it trees the needed records from the TLD down through all SOA related to the part of the domain we are looking to find something about. My current registrar for this domain has a Dashboard and a “cPanel” to adjust DNS and other aspects of the domain such as auto renew and anonymity options.


That is a difficult thing when it comes to domains. Someone has to be responsible for the content. Some registration to TLD’s like .us force the end user to be visible in who is:

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