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Smarthome: Home Assistant

What is a Smarthome

For me, a “Smarthome” is a home with some sort of active system that monitors and allows for some amazing conveniences. Typically, some sort of video monitoring or surveillance system and some objects that help automate the conveniences such as “Smartlocks” and video alerting and online viewing is what I would consider the minimum definition of a Smarthome.

Level 1: The Brains of the Smarthome, Home Assistant

So, every Smarthome must have a brain to control the different elements and coordinate the events and respond to stimulus from the various sensors. In my system, Home Assistant fills the need well. However, infrastructure of the overall nervous system must happen too. So, my journey actually starts with the nervous system.

Level 2: The Nervous system

What is the nervous system? The “backbone” of the system. It is responsible for sending communications through the whole system.

Well that was fun!!!

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