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Smarthome: Linux USB Server

Raspberry PI Edition: as Linux USB Server

This is written for Debian 11 and was tested on Raspberry PI running Raspberry OS based on Debian 11. However, it should work on any Linux Debian based system with some slight modifications. Why do this? Well, Having a Linux USB Server allows for some great control of Home Assistant such as locating USB wirelessly closer to where it is needed. Also, It helps move the physical USB dongles off virtual host now it is an IP! Wow, that is great for High Availability in virtual environments!

1 – Setup – This failed due to not able to use wireless

So, setup requires two Linux boxes and one can be a virtual server or even a node in docker. Thus, creating a typical client server relationship. Here are some of the reasons to do this:

  • Move USB controllers closer to USB nodes and still run VM’s in a closet or
  • Allow for easier HA (High Availability) as cluster servers do not require to have USB dongles physically attached to them.

Wow, even could use this to send USB across WireGuard if you have a good enough pipe to send through. Ok, digressed there a little. Back to it! I used this from Raspberry PI see image below:

Raspberry PI OS as Linux USB Server. I got it from site link to image and ran on windows

1a – Burn the Raspberry PI OS

As shown above, I used Raspberry PI OS (32-bit) that is the Debian Bullseye released October 30, 2021.

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